• The Alchemist: Group Exhibition at Root Division in San Francisco

    I'm part of The Alchemist at Root Division, where I am also a studio artist. I have an two-part video installation and a large scale photograph included in the exhibition.

    The show is up in Root Division's main gallery from April 6, 2016 to April 23, 2016. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 2-6pm.

    Reception: Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

    From the exhibition description: 

    The Alchemist is a group exhibition of artists whose practice includes alternative processes and the transformation of raw materials in unexpected ways.

    Alchemy, the medieval predecessor to chemistry was a mystically charged field of research dedicated to the transformation of matter, particularly the conversion of base metals in to gold, or the preparation of a a life prolonging "universal elixir." Seeking the highest form of knowledge through this pursuit, alchemists dedicated their lives to crafting recipes, tinctures, and experiments.

    The artists in this exhibition are dedicated to a similar practice, and through their inquisitive and experimental practices convert base materials into higher artistic forms. Working with surprising materials and processes this group show highlights innovation and experimentation as the highest form of artistic wizardry.

    You can find Root Division here:

    1131 Mission Street

    San Francisco, CA  94103

  • AlterLandEscape: Exhibition at Aggregate Space Gallery in Oakland

    I am part of a three-person show at Aggregate Space Gallery in Oakland, CA with artists May Wilson and John Tronsor. The show is up now through September 19, 2015.

    Some special dates:

    Friday, September 4, 5-8pm: Art Murmur Reception

    Saturday, September 12 at 11am: Artists and Curators Panel Discussion 

    From the exhibition descritpion: 

    "Aggregate Space Gallery presents an exhibition of sculpture, video, and multi-channel installation works that remap the height and depth of the gallery's physical landscape. The three structures reflect interstitial locations, prehistoric organic forms, and deep space abstractions, which alter, escape and reimagine new relationships to place. Participants will exist somewhere amongst the inner and outer boundaries of these familiar yet unknown hybrid micro-environments."

    You can find Aggregate Space here:

    801 West Grand Avenue
    Entrance on West Street
    Oakland CA 94607

    Open Saturdays 1-5pm and by appointment